Words…can they lose their potency?

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Three months of intensive clown school has enriched  me with a totally new Lexicon. A lexicon is the vocabulary of a particular language or person.  David my Clown teacher has a certain way of describing things. What became so exciting to me, is how I dove into his world of energy and awareness through the difference in his language. It was a treat that tickled me every class. I love language so words have always tickled me. He described the dance of allowance in such a delicious way. The judgements and resistances that arise within us are...

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A Change in My Lexicon

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Welcome Back Beauties I have had an interesting and enormous climax over the last week and a half. That may be in part why my blog entries were on hiatus. I just finished 12 weeks of Clown School last week. It ended in an exuberant graduation of total silliness. I came out on stage to a group of about 40 fellow clowns and friends and did my first public “turn”. It was an thrilling experience. These last 12 weeks have also been punctuated with ” The Artists Way” which is a program that nudges and nurtures creativity,...

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Stretching your Heart Muscle-Part 2

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A child has no trouble believing the unbelievable, nor does the genius or the madman. Its only you and I, with our big brains and our tiny hearts, who doubt and overthink and hesitate.” - Steven Pressfield, Do the Work Do you want to do an exercise with me? Let’s go on a little journey into stretching your heart muscle. I am going to first describe what you are going to do and then I want you to take 10 minutes to actually go through the motions of the exercise. I want you to move your body through the various movements as well as...

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Manage Your Openness

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Vulnerability is a beautiful thing to explore. In Access Consciousness, Gary Douglas talks about Vulnerability as being the open wound. This is where we receive everything with total awareness. I would like to extrapolate on that a bit and maybe add something. The way that I perceive the energy of vulnerability is similar to how many of us have misidentified safety. People have said to me that they won’t open up to vulnerability until they feel safe. I think the word safety has a very strange energy. When we are willing to Know That We...

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Stretch Your Heart Muscle

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In Clown Class we do these exercises to “Stretch your Heart Muscle”. At first I thought I wouldn’t be able to artificially tap into caring for an imaginary being. How do you pretend to care? Then I realized, when I choose to care I tapped into the caring I have for everything on this planet. I care WAY more than I realized? I LOVE so dynamically and I had no idea. The last two months have allowed me to open my heart wide and see the essence of all things beyond my judgement. It’s not like my judgements go away, it is...

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Initiator vs Leader

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Throughout the last couple of months I have had the pleasure of receiving so much gratitude from all of you. Many of you have shared that this blog has allowed you to step into more of you.  I love hearing from all of you. It really allows me to honour that I do have something to share. I have been exploring the energy of being a leader over the last couple of years. Being a leader is a very powerful and potent energy. I don’t mean being a leader with followers, but rather being a leader in my own life. There are far too many examples...

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Are you willing to have enemies?

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Gary Douglas, the founder of Access Consciousness asked me this question and it totally changed my world. Are you willing to have enemies? How often are we unwilling to have enemies? Now let me be clear here, this is not about actively making enemies. But rather being willing to stand in the energy of having an enemy. How small do you have to make yourself in order to have no enemies? Did you know that the most successful and powerful people on the planet have many enemies. If you will allow yourself to be as great and potent as you truly are...

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The Body of Delight

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Turning on the Body of Delight is the beginning of deepening our connection to our knowing. This blog is all about inviting you to know that you know. Just dipping your toe into the pool of infinite colours of delight is a great start. It’s fueled by our most powerful tool. Imagination. What is delight? I first encountered it as a kid and it was the very beginning of a giggle. So if you fish for that giggle, even if it is artificially made, you will soon feel it ripple through your body. Just pay attention for that laugh, it will have...

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A Wobble in Worth

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I awoke with doubt in my universe the other day. It was like this haze of “I don’t know”. A lingering weight of worthlessness and judgement swirled in my chest. I felt  untalented and small.  What was I thinking about starting this new business? Who would want to hear what I have to say? It took about 3 minutes of swimming in the soup of self doubt until I realized that it wasn’t mine. I asked the question, “Who does this belong to?” and immediately everything in my universe lightened up. I felt like me...

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The Wealthy Clown

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I am six weeks into  intensive CLOWN SCHOOL. Clowning would have to be the best training ground for awareness and consciousness ever! You have to pay attention to EVERYTHING. We are tenderizing the brain and the body right now. Massaging our willingness to play.  The muscle between the ears has been ruling for many lifetimes. Her reign is very strong, so it takes resolve to engage the other characters. My heart, my hands, my ears, my eyes, my imagination and of course the BODY OF DELIGHT!!! The Ringmaster in this journey has the infinite...

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