I Get Everything I Ask For

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How often are you told to dream about what you want in your life? Dream big. Ask and you shall receive. How about…abundance is all around you. I support people who have a lot of financial problems and the most common thing that people say is, “I am doing everything right, I say the mantras every day, I imagine money coming in my life and nothing is happening. I still have no money. What am I doing wrong, why is it not working? When will my dreams come true? What if the manifestation of what you desire is absolutely certain to...

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You Can’t Wake Someone Who Already Thinks They Are Awake?

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My Clown teacher once said “You can’t wake someone who already thinks they are awake”. There was woman in the class that was acting as if she knew everything and all the words she spoke were suppose to be enlightened and sourced from her obvious brilliance. I could see how judgmental and overreactive she was. She was completely unaware of how unaware she was. It was clear she could not receive from us unless it was through a compliment or a validation of what she had already decided. Do you know of anyone like that? As a...

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Control Issues

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I had a client ask me if I could help him with some of his “Control Issues“.  I asked some questions. “What do you mean by control?”  He proceeded to describe how he had controlled himself so much because he was afraid that if he didn’t he would do something that he would regret. “Like what?” “Well, like have sex with multiple random strangers, get so drunk that I don’t remember what I did the night before, or kill my body because I totally checked out.” He had such a fear of not...

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“I’m not Doing enough” Really?

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   Being willing to receive judgments  has become the greatest gift of my life. I have spent a lot of time pulling my barriers down and receiving the projections people may have of me. More often than not, a lot of those judgments about me are really judgments those people have of themselves.When I was a kid my mother would say that if you point your finger at someone, remember there are three fingers pointing back at you. Receiving, for me, has been a journey of unplugging from all the triggers that make me want to be right and someone...

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I Embrace My Cheat, Bitch, Liar and Unethical Self

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I would like to take you on a journey into the exploration of my ‘not so nice girl’ Brenda. Some of you know me and I guess people have called me ‘nice’. They sometimes comment on my smile or that I am happy all the time. I receive that!! However, what this NICE label has stuck me with is…that  I have had to judge  if everything I do is fair, kind and honourable. (Insert finger in mouth- Gag) I have this toxic pride in taking the high road. (GAG) In the last month I have embraced my cheat, bitch, liar and...

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Emerging vs Merging- inspired by Seth Godin

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I subscribe to Seth Godin’s blog and he has some really cool contributions to being on the leading edge of this reality. He speaks mostly about business and marketing, however, I know how applicable this is to all areas of our life. When you merge your ideas or awarenesses with other teachers and guru’s on this planet you have to compromise. How often have you heard a teacher say something that kind of sounded like what you know to be true. Then you have to kind of turn it around  a bit in order for it to fit. “That’s...

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Expand Out-The Most Powerful Tool

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This past month has been exhilarating and full of tons of creating, working and stepping into a space of leadership that I have never experienced before. I have had moments of being flooded with choices. Inspiration to write and create has competed with a slew of people desiring facilitation as well as my demand to create an online presence that invites thousands into more. So as you may have imagined there is a lot going on all at the same time. I remember Gary Douglas saying that you need to be doing 10 things at the same time in order to be...

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Asking Questions

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A question gives you so many more possibilities. In Access, Gary Douglas has said over and over that a question empowers and an answer will often disempower. When you ask a question like, What’s it going to take for this to be easier? It is amazing how the energy that contributes to your ease will show up in a 100 000 different ways. And it really isn’t an answer that shows up but rather an energy that you can choose from. What questions can you ask today that would expand your life? Don’t stop asking. Even when the...

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Is ‘No’ a Possibility?

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One thing that I consistently witness when I am around a child under the age of 5, is that they are always choosing. They don’t really think about it. They just choose. “I want that.”  The “No”  that echos out of a 3 year old is often followed by a deliberate choice. The energy behind that “no” is expansive and alive. Most children under 5 choose and then choose again. There is no final choice. They want that toy, then they want to watch that video. It is the energy of ‘yes’. The...

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How Developed is Your Ringmaster?

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The last week has been full of a frenzy of ideas and creativity. I am writing a lot and answering emails, telephone calls, picking dates for events, booking venues, and building content for a new website. This morning I ask myself, “What is the quality of my Ringmaster throughout all this?  How present am I being?” My Ringmaster is the elements of me that allows for the creative flow but also makes sure that food is in the fridge. My Ringmaster creates the space for me to soar. When my Ringmaster is present, I don’t forget...

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