Welcome to my Know That You Know Blog,

My name is Brenda St Louis I have the enormous pleasure to interact with all of you in a way that really excites me. My Journey as a Facilitator, Coach, Teacher, Massage Therapist, Voice actor and Clown has allowed me to travel all over the world. Throughout most of the 2000′s I have had the pleasure to meet people from Asia to Europe, played with the South Pacific folks to the North Americans. The greatest pleasure for me is that I can connect and share with all of you through this blog. How did I get to be so lucky?

I will share a little bit about myself and why this adventure with Know That You Know has opened the door for me to step into a larger role as a leader on this planet. Throughout my life I have always been seeking. At the age of 4 my curiousity about God and healing was tweeked by  numerous miracles of healing that had happened with people in my life. I was intrigued by energy and hands on healing throughout my teens. Exploring meditation, crystals, chanting, channeling, the list is endless. I was always seeking understanding and the answer.

A combination of Vipassana, Access Consciousness and a lot of personal awarenesses, I now realize that just by trusting in my knowing, more knowing shows up. With the Tools of Access Consciousness I have consistently been able to stay in the question, What do I know? which has flooded me with infinite amounts of awareness.

This blog is intended to invite you into Knowing That You Know. It will entice you to explore different elements of this reality. It will poke you into stepping up as the leader in your own life. It may tickle you into more joy and ease. What’s it going to take for everyone that follows this blog to be a greater contribution to the their own lives and the planet?

Join me on an adventure in possibility.

Comment and share! We all have awareness that can contribute to a greater planet.

Gobs of Gratitude