I Get Everything I Ask For

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How often are you told to dream about what you want in your life?

Dream big.

Ask and you shall receive.

How about…abundance is all around you.

I support people who have a lot of financial problems and the most common thing that people say is, “I am doing everything right, I say the mantras every day, I imagine money coming in my life and nothing is happening. I still have no money. What am I doing wrong, why is it not working? When will my dreams come true?

What if the manifestation of what you desire is absolutely certain to happen? Would you be worrying about it then?  If it is a million dollars or even $100 000 that you desire, often times you are desiring it from a place of not having it. The energy of scarcity and lack drips from your wanting.  This will essentially push what you are asking for further into your future. Would you be willing to vibrate as if you are already happy and worry-free? It’s only then that the money can come into our universe. If I told you that without a doubt everything you asked for is certain to actualize into your life; would you start to enjoy the journey?

Just recently, I realized that I have everything that I had asked for. 5 years ago, I asked for an apartment with a spectacular view, a partner that I can energetically dance with, no money worries and children to share my life with. I have all those things. But what I was choosing to focus on were the things I don’t have. I don’t have millions of dollars in the bank. I don’t own my home and I haven’t finished my book. Here is an example on how you can reframe this line of thinking.

I have more money flowing into my life everyday. My new home is getting ready for me. I am getting ready for my new home. I am getting ready for bigger and bigger things. The majority of my work is preparing for the development of this book. It is mine, and it is certain and inevitable. The longer it takes the more fun I will have. When it manifests I will be better for having wanted it. Everything is right on track. If the journey is your goal you are having instant success and the manifestation is certain.

People can tell you something a hundred times and finally it sinks in. Well listen up because this is absolute truth. Start vibrating as if you already have everything you desire. Every time that sneaky bugger of lack and scarcity creeps in, stop and expand out and say to yourself. “I have everything I desire in this now moment.  As Abraham says.” You have to let go of the absence of it. Know without a doubt that you always get everything you ask for.

This is a brilliant excerpt from Abraham that also speaks about this.


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