You Can’t Wake Someone Who Already Thinks They Are Awake?

Jul 9, 2012 by

My Clown teacher once said “You can’t wake someone who already thinks they are awake”. There was woman in the class that was acting as if she knew everything and all the words she spoke were suppose to be enlightened and sourced from her obvious brilliance. I could see how judgmental and overreactive she was. She was completely unaware of how unaware she was. It was clear she could not receive from us unless it was through a compliment or a validation of what she had already decided. Do you know of anyone like that?

As a facilitator I have to wait until someone asks a question. If they don’t ask a question then I cannot do anything. Sometimes I will ask energetically “what can they receive?” I will in turn ask them a question. For example:”What are the possibilities of you knowing more about this than you are willing to know?” If someone has all the answers, allowing them to ask more questions about what they know may allow them to come out of conclusion.

How many times have I thought I knew something about me and I had come to conclusion that I finally got it. No more questions. No more awareness can show up. It makes me wonder; Where am I sleeping when I thought I was awake? What would it take to fully awaken to me? What do I know about me that I am unwilling to know?

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