Control Issues

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I had a client ask me if I could help him with some of his “Control Issues“.  I asked some questions. “What do you mean by control?”  He proceeded to describe how he had controlled himself so much because he was afraid that if he didn’t he would do something that he would regret.

“Like what?”

“Well, like have sex with multiple random strangers, get so drunk that I don’t remember what I did the night before, or kill my body because I totally checked out.”

He had such a fear of not being in control that in the process he shut off a huge amount of his awareness. He had created his life with so much routine and rules that his world continued to get smaller and smaller. I asked him if he could tap into how huge he was. Immediately, he told me that he was really big. He was as big as the universe and even bigger than that. After working with him a little more he was able to tap into the infinite being that he is.  Then I asked him to imagine being totally wasted.

“Are you able to be aware even when you are totally wasted?” He said yes. “Now put yourself in the situation of having sex with a random stranger. Are you able to know what will happen? Are you so over taken with sex that you can’t see what your choice will create?” He responded that  he was able to see what would happen. From this expanded space he could see what his choices would create.

“So truth- do you have control issues or are you just not willing to be totally aware? Would you be willing to get really big, bigger than the universe and make choices from that space? What if your desire to control the situation and yourself was just your refusal to know that you know? What if you were way more powerful than you ever thought possible? What if control was never an issue but just another choice? What do you choose today, right now? Would you be willing to acknowledge when you shut off your awareness and not judge youself for it?”

He was able to see that controlling himself took a lot of energy. He was always tired and often angry. Allowing himself to get really big and choose from that space also gave him  more energy in his body.  This is a muscle you have to exersice. Demanding not to contract into control but rather expand into you the infinite being is a practise that will generate so much more in your life. I dare you to just get big!!!!

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