Emerging vs Merging- inspired by Seth Godin

Nov 1, 2011 by

I subscribe to Seth Godin’s blog and he has some really cool contributions to being on the leading edge of this reality. He speaks mostly about business and marketing, however, I know how applicable this is to all areas of our life.

When you merge your ideas or awarenesses with other teachers and guru’s on this planet you have to compromise. How often have you heard a teacher say something that kind of sounded like what you know to be true. Then you have to kind of turn it around  a bit in order for it to fit. “That’s really a Buddhist perspective.” or ” That sounds a lot like Access.” or  ”Yeah I totally agree with you on that.” Often if we hear something three times we start to believe it is true. Is it possible that you merge your knowing with examples of how it shows up in this reality? For example, sitting in meditation allows you to quiet your mind. You get a sense of peace and clarity. The conclusion that many come to is that if everyone could just quiet their mind than there would be peace and clarity on the planet. I bet you could find lots of people who merge with this point of view.  My question to you is… is peace really about silence? Is peace about a quiet mind or is it the awareness of everything and everyone one with no point of view?

This brings me to the second part of this equation. Emerging. When I emerge with the point of view that Peace for me is about total awareness in the midst of total chaos. This becomes my platform. I do not have compromise. I don’t need anyone to agree with me and my platform does not get stronger when people agree. They just get to have their own platform to build upon. To emerge with no expectation is an incredibly powerful space to be. To merge together to create an expected result is slow and filled with compromise.

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