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Sep 25, 2011 by

This past month has been exhilarating and full of tons of creating, working and stepping into a space of leadership that I have never experienced before. I have had moments of being flooded with choices. Inspiration to write and create has competed with a slew of people desiring facilitation as well as my demand to create an online presence that invites thousands into more. So as you may have imagined there is a lot going on all at the same time.

I remember Gary Douglas saying that you need to be doing 10 things at the same time in order to be functioning as the infinite being you were designed to be. For a long time I just thought that that choice was so that I didn’t get bored and make all kinds of drama to amuse myself with. In the past I kept myself very linear in my tasks so that I didn’t get “overwhelmed”. And yes the response in Access Consciousness to that statement is “Would an Infinite Being ever be overwhelmed?” No they wouldn’t. I have a new and more expanded awareness of this statement now.

I also have this Tool of Expand out! That has created so much ease and super duper magic in my life. Let me explain it first. When I say Expand out! I mean get really big. You, as an infinite being are so much bigger than your body. If you could expand out ( don’t leave your body, include you body) and allow your awareness and your being to expand out over 100 000 miles in all directions. It is as if you have access to all the energy of the universe when you choose and be from that space.

So I am driving to my office and I have soooo much to do. I have to record some teachings, make a video, write a blog, blah blah blah , and about 15 more things. And work with 7 clients that day. I begin to contract and feel this tightness in my belly. The thought comes into my universe, I am exhausted I can’t do all this. Then I realize how huge I am. I expand out and allow myself to occupy all the space around me and beyond. Immediately the tightness in my belly goes away and I am flooded with energy and I start crying with joy. My body is tingling and I can’t wait to work on the clients I have today. The list of things I have to do disappears and I know that every 10 seconds I am in the right place creating my life and living as an exuberant expression of abundance.

For the last month I have been working with people that have bought that the fear and stress of their lives are real. It is interesting that once they EXPAND OUT and be the space of them, the fear and stress just disappear. Do you think maybe it might not be real then? Just a thought. What if you were willing to expand out? What if you were willing to get so big that the drama’s of your life could not impact your body?  I am curious how much joy you would be willing to have?


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