Is ‘No’ a Possibility?

Jul 20, 2011 by

One thing that I consistently witness when I am around a child under the age of 5, is that they are always choosing. They don’t really think about it. They just choose. “I want that.”  The “No”  that echos out of a 3 year old is often followed by a deliberate choice. The energy behind that “no” is expansive and alive. Most children under 5 choose and then choose again. There is no final choice. They want that toy, then they want to watch that video. It is the energy of ‘yes’. The ‘no’ that vibrates out of their little bodies is more of an assertion of their willingness to choose.

So at what point does that ‘NO’ become a refusal to receive? I was around a 13 year old awhile back and the ‘no’ that came out of his mouth slowed  the energy of expansion. When does ‘no’ create a separation from what is being offered to you? How often do you say no in order to control the situation? Is NO the beginning of creating the form, structure , and significance we call our life?  What if every time you said No to something you slowed down the expansion of your life? Did you start to say ‘no’ at 2 and have been saying ‘no’ to everything that would expand your life every since?

I am not saying when someone asks you to do something for them, that you say Yes to everyone. I am inviting you to say yes to you. My sister used to categorize her friends into the Yes-and’ers and the No’ers. The Yes and’ers would say yes and then add something to the mix for it to work better for them. Being the leader in your life requires you to receive and contribute. What would your day look like if you said yes when someone offered something to you and then added your creative twist on it? Be the Yes-and’er and expand the world.



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