How Developed is Your Ringmaster?

Jul 14, 2011 by

The last week has been full of a frenzy of ideas and creativity. I am writing a lot and answering emails, telephone calls, picking dates for events, booking venues, and building content for a new website. This morning I ask myself, “What is the quality of my Ringmaster throughout all this?  How present am I being?”

My Ringmaster is the elements of me that allows for the creative flow but also makes sure that food is in the fridge. My Ringmaster creates the space for me to soar. When my Ringmaster is present, I don’t forget my phone at home, I remember to bring that container I borrowed from Lucy back when I go to visit . My Ringmaster is always on time. My Ringmaster knows when that next glass of wine might not feel so good in the morning.  How developed is your Ringmaster?

Sometimes my Ringmaster is so strong that playing is an effort. I have to stretch the Ringmaster and allow it to take a back seat.  The Ringmaster is always there and we can nurture them to create a life of total Ease Joy and Glory!

What Energy Space and Consciousness can you be that would allow your Ringmaster to step right up and be the space of total Ease?


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